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Crystal River Cap & Truck Accessories, LLC. (352)563-1120

This text file    \public_html\SiteXREF01.txt   is a Variable length file and is Delimited by the PIP | character.

This company list may have the INTERNAL or EXTERNAL links to other sites.
Listing the links to our website on the Credits page; a type of   Thank You.
Thank you for listing   Crystal River Cap & Truck Accessories, LLC.
                   The website

This is a list of companies within SiteXREF01.txt , may or may not, be on our Credits page.

  There is still a   sitemap.xml  file but that did not help me much on keeping track of links.
External links, Back links, and which companies may have a reference to our website.

The information listed within the file is easier to see when you want to cross reference
Data, setting some standards, and researching. What did I miss?

     The format will change, and other XREF; cross reference files will be added.
Site.html,  sitemap.xml,  SiteXREF##.txt  (## = Versions or different layouts)

File Layout  File:SiteXREF01.txt  Variable Length  | other PIP delimited  12 Fields A-L
The first record 1 has  Headers   ( J. external back-links that indexing might have missed  )

A. R# Reference Number
B. Directory for Company   EXTERNAL Companies)
C. Error Codes..........(?-Waiting on a response email, * VPN Issues, D-Duplicate DB Entries)
D. Status...............($Cost, Present, Not Present, With Issues, VPN Issues, na, other reasons)
E. Our Company Name (* Listed on other sites with several variations)
F. Error Message ...(Cost$, V- Pin waiting on Verification Code
                   ?- Waiting on a forwarded email for verifications)
G. Our Address ....(* Listed on other sites with different variations)
H. Our Phone # ....(* Listed on other sites with different variations)
I. Link Status ....(  or  NoWebSiteLink,  or
                      No Placement for a link)
J. EXTERNAL/Backlinks ( Referencing source to Our Company Name ).
       This may also help the Search Engines & Bots/Crawlers Recheck INDEX page.
       Index or cross reference data sources.
K. 1tooManyErrors ... Excluding from listing on Credits page Too many 4** Errors
L. EOF ..........   ‘*’ for End-Of-File

File Layout  File:SiteXREF02.txt  Variable Length  | other PIP delimited  3 Fields
The first record 1 has  Headers   ( J. Internal links that indexing might have missed  )
URL |Number of Images| Updated

    There may be a better way to do this.  Just trying to avoid those Broken-Links that I found and
  “Not really broken”. Even with a small list of links, it can get confusing. Back-n-forth and Pivot around.
Not enough caffeine & you may say “Was it a car or a cat I saW” (Not sure if that quote is original)

I’ve seen Broken Links only because the page doesn’t really exist or were changed, moved.

   If only it was this easy to remove the errors.
Please Remove 404 Https://*.png
Please Remove 404 Https://*.png
Please Remove 404 Https://

Please check As Listed within the document
Please check the URL as is.. Do not change from uppercase to lower vice-versa. When a sitemap is provided, it should help and not hurt. Just a web-guy going Round-and-Round

While visiting other websites I’ve used before and then seeing Generic errors, sometimes you’d get
an error code, and other times not.   Broken Link or now using a VPN and you’re blocked.  See
403 Access Denied.  Some “Reporting Tools” show 403 as broken link and others may not know
The difference.

VPN is great for security reasons, maybe even, for saving all those passwords and keeping them safe.

Visit that site you’ve seen before and now you can’t see that site.
Turn-off the VPN and take your chances. Hey, now I can see the site!
  I wouldn’t recommend it!

      I would recommend taking a look at \public_html\SiteXREF01.txt

INDEX First    then if you're in the Florida Area,
Call First.(352)563-1120

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